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OTT Legal Services Reviews

OTT Legal Services Reviews

Although no traffic ticket company wins every traffic ticket, OTT Legal wins thousands of traffic tickets and speeding tickets in Ontario. Our clients are great customers and send us mail, We will start posting our reviews of OTT Legal for everyone to view.

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Outcome of trial trashy_digs' Journal

My trial date was on March 29. I was being charged of speeding 80 in a 60 zone and was facing demerit points plus a $95 fine. On Friday I received a letter in the mail from the service I hired, OTT legal. The cop showed up but OTT legal refuted the "evidence" I was cleared of all charges and fines. The ticket will be expunged from my record.

When I first met with all three services (OTT legal, X-Co, and G.I.R services), I found OTT legal to be the most professional which made me lean towards hiring them. They were also the cheapest, which helped, but that wasn't what made me finally hire them. What made my final decision was when I walked into the reception area of their Scarborough office, I saw on the table a huge album with literally hundreds of handwritten letters from clients thanking OTT legal for their help in winning their cases. I would highly recommend them.

Speeding Ticket Radar locations in Toronto

Here is a list of some of the top radar and laser enforcement locations in Ontario. Send us your locations and we can add them here. If your driving through these areas, keep your speed down!

City of Toronto

Prince Edward Viaduct - The bridge going from Bloor St to Danforth - 50 Speed zone

Richmond St at Power St - The ramp from southbound DonValley Parkway to Richmond St - 50 zone, there are 5 signs before you get to where the Police sit.

Kingston Rd at Lawson Rd, where Kingston Rd goes into Hwy 2a and connects to Hwy 401. Speed limit goes from 80 to 60 westbound and thousands of speeding tickets have been issued at this location.

Lakeshore Blvd at Ontario Drive - Lakeshore near Ontario Place, straight open road, speed limit is 60, Officers sit in the Ontario Place Driveway.

McNicole Rd Scarborough 50 zone

Milner Ave Scarborough 50 zone

Ossington Ave, downtown Toronto, 40 zone heavy enforcement.

Ontario Radar / Laser Locations

401 east, Napanee Kingston area. Very straight Hwy speed limit is 100 officers will stop you for speeding 17km or more over the limit, Very strict about speed enforcement, many radar locations is this area. Watch speed closely.

401 near London to Windsor, many speed traps in this area, OPP officers are very experienced in using radar and laser. Police officer was killed in this area in 90's police and courts have strict enforcement of speeding. Watch speed closely.

Hwy 35, This is an 50 to 80 zone, speed limit goes up and down as you travel through many small towns. Police do mobile radar and wait for you to try to pass. When you accelerate to pass officers are stopping for speeding. Well trained OPP officers in this area, courts are very strict. OTT Legal has office in this area with good reviews for speeding tickets.