Monday, January 2, 2012

Fighting Speeding Tickets - News

The Province of Ontario is set to make fighting speeding tickets and traffic tickets even more difficult for Ontario drivers.

For anyone who has tried to fight a traffic ticket in the GTA they know that the province and municipalities go out of their way to frustrate motorists and to make fighting a traffic ticket difficult.

First they removed all the night court, so that you had to take a day off work, you have to pay and fight to find a parking spot and then stand for up to 2 hours at some courts to just hand in your ticket.

Toronto courts take up to a year to come to trial and the court room is packed, even most Toronto Prosecutors are frustrated with the traffic ticket system in Toronto.

Now the court are passing a new ruling this spring. The new ruling will mean that if you want to fight your traffic ticket you have to go and file or request a court date. To do so you have to file the ticket or speeding ticket at the court or jurisdiction that the police officer issued the ticket is from.

For example, say your from Toronto but you drive to Windsor, while in Windsor you receive a speeding ticket on a weekend.

The courts are closed in Windsor and throughout Ontario on the weekends, but you want to fight the speeding ticket. The new ruling will mean that you have to drive to Windsor, (where the ticket was issued) and personally hand in the ticket and request a trial date!

You used to be able to attend at any court in Ontario, (they are all on the same computer system) and hand in your ticket within 15 days of the offense. Not anymore...

Just another ongoing layer of frustration the traffic courts have added to the process of defending yourself in court.

The reasoning? Just to make it harder for you and to encourage you to pay the fine.

OTT Legal has offices and contacts throughout Ontario so that we can personally file your ticket at the court within the 15 day requirement. If you have any traffic tickets give OTT Legal a call.